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Civil ProcessAbout Sheriff’s Sales

New Location and Guidelines During COVID-19

Livestream sales via Zoom

Sheriff’s sales will be held in the historic Sussex County Courthouse, 3 High Street in Newton, New Jersey every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. Attendees should go to the main lobby for check-in and where to proceed.

Only one qualified bidder per company or group will be allowed to attend in person. Proof of funds in the form of certified checks, cashier checks or treasurer checks must be shown at the door. Cash will no longer be accepted. Plaintiff’s representative must also attend in person. Bidder must sign in prior to the sales.

The general public and non-bidders may livestream the sales via Zoom.

The general public and non-bidders may only attend sales virtually and may not attend the sales in person.

All qualified bidders and plaintiff’s representatives attending the sales in person will adhere to the following:

  • Try to maintain a minimum of six feet social distance between yourself and others.
  • Face mask required to enter.
  • If sick (coughing, sneezing or have an elevated body temperature), please DO NOT attempt to attend the sheriff’s sales.
  • The undersheriff or his designee may, at his discretion, for the safety of employees and the general public, disallow and/or eject persons from attending the sheriff's sales.

What is a Sheriff’s Sale?

A sheriff’s sale, generally the last step in the foreclosure process, is a forced sale of real property at public auction.

Foreclosure is the legal process initiated by a lender who holds a mortgage on a property in which the borrower/property owner has defaulted on repaying the loan. This action enables the financial institution to foreclose or terminate the rights of the property owner and force the sale of the property to recoup its loan loss.

When and Where

Sheriff’s sales are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month (excluding holidays) at 2:00 p.m. in the historic Sussex County Courthouse, 3 High Street in Newton, New Jersey.

If you plan to attend a sheriff’s sale, you should contact the Foreclosure Unit at 973.579.0850 to make sure a property scheduled for sale has not been adjourned or otherwise postponed.

Notice of Sales/Advertisement

Electronic Bulletin Board

Notices of sales are posted on the electronic bulletin board outside the office of the Foreclosure Unit.


All sheriff’s sales for real property are advertised for four consecutive weeks prior to the initial date of sale. Look for legal notices on Thursdays in the New Jersey Herald and on Sundays in the New Jersey Sunday Herald.

Online database

The Foreclosure Unit maintains an online database of sheriff’s sales which is continually updated as information changes. While every effort is made to insure that these listings are accurate and timely, the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office does not warrant or guarantee the reliability of same.

Click to access the database of sheriff’s sales

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Sheriff’s Sale Procedures

The following information is provided as a public service by the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office and is intended to present a general overview regarding how sheriff’s sales are conducted. We strongly urge anyone who plans to acquire real property through a sheriff’s sale to seek legal advice and exercise extreme caution.

General Information

Purchasing foreclosed properties is not for everyone and can be a risky proposition for buyers who lack experience. Unless you understand the process and have done your due diligence, you could potentially make a mistake that proves to be very costly.

  • Until a sale actually occurs, the property is considered private property and no one has a right to enter the premises without the owner’s permission. This means there will be no opportunity to inspect a property prior to bidding on it. A bidder wishing to approach an owner to see a property before a sale is advised that he is on his own.
  • The owner of a property may, at any time prior to the sale, try to save his home or property interest in several ways. He may try to reinstate the delinquent amount owed, pay the judgment in full, obtain another loan, etc. He may also try to sell the property in order to pay the judgment and at the same time profit from any proceeds.
  • The Sussex County Sheriff’s Office does not know the condition of the property and is not responsible for any person(s) living on the property or vacating them post sale without a court order supplied by the purchaser.
  • The sheriff’s office has no information regarding the conditions of the titles.
  • All foreclosure sales are sold subject to any first mortgage, any municipal, state or federal or outstanding liens. We strongly urge anyone who is not familiar with sheriff’s sale procedures to seek legal advice and to perform a title search on the property before bidding on it. The search may reveal outstanding liens, which the bidder would assume if he is the successful purchaser.
  • The plaintiff’s attorney may adjourn the foreclosure sale two times per docket number for a 30 day period, totaling 60 days. A homeowner may also request two 30 day adjournments at any time prior to the day of sale up to the time of the sale, 2:00 p.m. By statute, the sheriff has the discretion to grant up to two 30-day adjournments. The July 29, 2019 new legislation allows an additional 30 day adjournment with a mutual agreement between plaintiff and defendant.
  • A sheriff’s deed will be issued following the 10 day post sale redemption period, once any payments due are received by the sheriff’s office. The deed issued by the sheriff’s office is not a clear title deed. Consult an attorney or the Sussex County Clerk to find instructions on docketing the deed

How the sales work

Sheriff’s sales are held as an open auction (no sealed bids). Properties are purchased as is, with no warranties and all sales are buyer beware.

  • Bidding begins at $100.00 and subsequent bids must be in increments of $1,000.00. The property will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • Twenty percent of the total bid price (bid deposit) must be paid by the purchaser as soon as the property is sold to him. All deposits must be tendered in the form of certified check, treasurer check or money order made out to “Sussex County Sheriff.”
  • If the successful bidder fails to pay the full bid deposit, the sheriff may, at his option, immediately put up the premises for sale again and the original purchaser will be held liable for any deficiency.
  • The balance of the sale price is due and payable no later than thirty days after the sale. The first ten days after the sale date are without interest; interest is charged on the balance due beginning on the eleventh day after the sale.
  • The defendant has a ten day redemption period after the sale during which time he may object to the sale through the courts or redeem the property. The successful bidder, in this case, would receive his 20 percent deposit back without interest.
  • If the balance is not paid on the thirtieth day, the sheriff will have the option of either re-advertising the property and selling it again or proceeding to compel the purchaser to complete his purchase. In the event of a resale, if the property should produce a lesser sum than the former bid, interest and expenses, the purchaser will be held liable for the difference. If it should produce a larger sum than the former bid, interest and expenses, the purchaser will not receive any benefit from the second sale.
  • The purchaser will receive a sheriff’s deed after payment of the balance of the bid. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to record the deed in the Sussex County Clerk’s Office.
  • If, after the sale and receipt of the sheriff’s deed, the property is owner-occupied, the purchaser must obtain a Writ of Possession to be served on the defendant with instructions to vacate the premises by a scheduled date. This is handled by the Civil Process Unit. If the defendant has not vacated by the stated date, the sheriff’s office will set a final date to make arrangements with the purchaser to have a moving van sent to the property and have the defendant’s personal belongings removed. The costs of the moving and storage is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • If the property is tenant-occupied, the purchaser must go through Landlord-Tenant Court to perform an eviction.

For Plaintiff Attorneys

In order to initiate a sheriff’s sale for real property in foreclosure, you must supply our office with the following:

  • Written request that the sale be scheduled
  • Writ of Execution plus 2 copies
  • $2,000.00 deposit
  • Short form description for advertising purposes
  • Clear legal Schedule A for deed
  • Affidavit of Consideration for sheriff’s deed plus 1 copy
  • Affidavit of Diligent Inquiry [Rule 4:64-2(d)]
  • Notice to Tenants (Appendix XII-K, adopted 11/17/09)

Please note that a representative from your firm is required to be present at the time of the sale. If you need further information or assistance, please contact us at 973.579.0850.

Sheriff Michael Strada