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AboutFire Marshal

Fire Marshal/Fire Coordinator: Virgil R. Rome, Jr.

Assistant Fire Marshal/Fire Coordinator: James Raperto, Sr.
Assistant Fire Marshal/Fire Coordinator: John “Jay” Luba
Fire Prevention Specialist: Dan Stoll

Sussex County’s fire marshal is under the aegis of the sheriff’s office. Duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Enforce New Jersey’s Uniform Fire Code in county-owned buildings and assist local fire officials with enforcement of same.
  • Coordinate activities once a fire-related incident has grown beyond a local fire department’s span of control.
  • Coordinate the investigation of every fire incident occurring within Sussex County.
  • Allocate available fire service resources for out-of-county deployment when requested by the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety in accordance with the Fire Service Resource Emergency Deployment Act.
  • Oversee the efforts of the Sussex County Fire Prevention Association in educating the community about fire safety.
  • Administer the Juvenile Fire Watch Program within Sussex County.
  • Serve as liaison between the Sussex County Firemen’s Association, the Sussex County Fire Chief’s Association and county administrators for all fire safety and fire service matters.

Have questions? For more information, please call 973.579.0380.

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