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The Courthouses


Sussex County is home to two courthouses—the Sussex County Judicial Center and the historic courthouse. Both buildings are in Newton and each is a stone’s throw away from the other.


Sussex County Judicial Center


The Sussex County Judicial Center is the main courthouse and it is located at 43-47 High Street. This is where most cases are heard and where all paperwork, motions, etc. are filed. There is one entrance into the courthouse, located next to the main level of the parking deck.

Historic Courthouse


The historic courthouse at 3 High Street sits prominently on the corner of High and Spring streets, overlooking the square in Newton. Civil cases assigned to Judge Weaver are heard in this building. Also housed here is the Sussex County Surrogate's Office which occupies the main level, and the Grand Jury room, located on the lower level. The entrance to the courthouse is located in the front of the building, facing the square.



Parking for both locations is available and free at the multi-story parking garage at the Sussex County Judicial Center. If you have an appointment at the Surrogate’s Office, you may park in the designated reserved spots located behind the historic courthouse.

Courthouse Security Screening Process


All courthouse visitors must pass through a metal detector and have their bags run through an x-ray machine. No weapons, knives, sharp objects or any objects deemed unsafe by sheriff’s officers are allowed into the courthouse. This includes everyday items such as nail files, scissors, knitting needles and pocket knives.

If in doubt about something you are carrying with you, please leave it in your vehicle or at home; sheriff’s officers cannot hold onto your items on your behalf while you are in the courthouse.

Additionally, no cameras or recording devices are allowed in the courthouse without permission from a Superior Court judge.

The courthouses open to the public at 8:30 a.m. Generally speaking, the initial rush of people can sometimes result in a longer wait to enter the facilities. Please plan accordingly to ensure that you make it to your appointment or hearing in time.

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