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Join the Sussex County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and become better prepared to respond to emergency situations right here in your own community.

Members of Sussex County’s CERT give critical support to first responders in emergencies, provide immediate assistance to victims, organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site, and collect disaster intelligence to support first responder efforts.


CERT members receive training in the following areas:

  • disaster preparedness

  • disaster fire suppression

  • medical operations

  • light search and rescue operations

  • disaster psychology and team organization

  • terrorism and CERT

  • disaster simulation

Total basic training is usually about 24 hours, scheduled in 2-1/2 hour modules over a period of weeks. Training courses, materials and equipment are provided free of charge. To become a CERT member, you must be at least 18 years of age.

For more information, contact CERT coordinator Eric Muller at 973.579.0380, ext. 2536.

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management CERT web site » 


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