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Community Alerts

Sussex County Mass Notification System


Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news.

The Sussex County Office of Emergency Management has partnered with ReGroup to alert you about critical information in your area. Severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons and evacuations are examples of the situations where community notifications may be necessary.

You can choose to receive these notifications by text, phone call and email when you register.

There is no cost to the residence of Sussex County.

Scan the QR code to sign up of you can use the link HERE.


Register Ready


The state of New Jersey offers a confidential statewide registry for people with disabilities who may need help in the event of a disaster or other emergency. The information is shared with Sussex County’s Division of Emergency Management to help emergency responders locate and safely evacuate people who may find it difficult to help themselves in the event of a major disaster.


Providing information before a disaster allows for better planning and managing of resources during an emergency. Rest assured, your information will be held securely and only used for emergency response and planning.

Anyone in Sussex County who may find it difficult to self-evacuate because of a physical or cognitive limitation, language barrier or lack of transportation—particularly if family, friends, or caregivers are unavailable to help during a crisis—is encouraged to register with New Jersey’s special needs registry.


How to register


Individuals with special needs, as well as their families and/or caregivers, can register online at the state’s web site . In order to complete their online form, you must have JavaScript enabled and you will have to temporarily disable any pop-up blockers you may have working in tandem with your browser application.

Don’t want the hassle? You can also register by downloading and completing the paper registration form. This form may be filled out on your computer, saved to your hard drive and then submitted to the Sussex County Division of Emergency Management. Complete instructions are included on the first page of the form.

Download the Register Ready form

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