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The Sussex County Sheriff’s Office offers two programs to certain non-violent offenders sentenced to a term of imprisonment. Both programs have been highly successful and are explained in the next sections.

Sheriff’s Work Assistance Program (SWAP)

SWAP is available to sentenced inmates who are a minimum security risk. Under the supervision of sheriff’s officers, these inmates work outside of the correctional facility during the day, performing a wide range of manual labor for local nonprofit organizations and government agencies throughout Sussex County.


Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program (SLAP)


The SLAP program is a community-based corrections program that provides a structured alternative to incarceration for persons sentenced by Sussex County courts to a term of imprisonment.

Persons sentenced to SLAP are able to pay their debt to society by performing moderate levels of manual labor. This enables them to maintain employment, provide for their families and continue to be productive members of society while serving their sentence.

Offenders are prudently screened and only those with nonviolent, minor offenses are admitted into the program. Participants are required to follow all rules and regulations or face having their SLAP sentence revoked. At that time, they may be required to serve the remainder of their sentence in jail.

SLAP participants provide non-skilled manual labor to nonprofit public and private agencies at no cost. Many organizations within Sussex County use the program regularly.

SLAP inmates are supervised by armed corrections officers at all times and are never left at job sites without supervision.

Work that cannot be done by SLAP participants:

  • SLAP does not work at private companies, personal homes or areas that are deemed unsafe by corrections personnel.

  • SLAP participants are not allowed to operate power tools such as chain saws and riding lawnmowers.

  • Participants are not allowed to climb ladders that are over 10 feet off the ground.

  • Participants cannot enter rivers, lakes or other bodies of water.

  • Participants cannot remove poison ivy, oak, sumac, etc.

Nonprofit Sussex County agencies seeking to enlist SLAP participants for a specified project must submit all requests in writing on organization letterhead. The request should detail the work that you would like done, where it is located and who the contact person is. Written requests should be sent to the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office at 39 High Street, Newton, NJ 07860.

All jobs must be checked prior to starting; a representative from the SLAP program will check the job site prior to beginning a project.

Please note the following:

  • For road cleanups, there must be a shoulder for SLAP inmates to walk along.

  • SLAP does not dispose of garbage collected; it is the agency’s responsibility to arrange for pick up.

  • All equipment that is needed for a job has to be provided by the requesting agency (i.e., rakes, shovels, push mowers, garbage bags etc.).

For further information about SLAP, contact Corporal James Aumick or Corporal Brian Snyder at 973.579.0875, ext. 2308.

**Programs are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.**

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