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Sheriff's new web site makes its debut

The Sussex County Sheriff's Office web site was relaunched the first week in June 2011 after undergoing a complete makeover.

The Sussex County Sheriff’s Office web site was relaunched this week after undergoing a complete makeover.

Boasting a monochromatic interface, improved navigation, site-wide search and a translation function for non-English speaking visitors, the web site is brimming with content that gives site visitors unique insight into the sheriff’s office and the services it provides.

In addition to expanded information about the day-to-day operations of the office, highlights include foreclosure listings, a news room, concise information regarding rules and regulations for inmate visitation at the Keogh-Dwyer Correctional Facility, downloadable/fillable forms for enrollment in community program offerings and a Crime Stoppers page which will shine a spotlight on new or unsolved crimes in the community.

The online foreclosure system reflects a renewed focus on streamlining information regarding Sussex County properties that will be put up for sale by the sheriff’s office. Personnel will see to it that this information is continuously updated.

The new site also features a section where visitors can check out who’s wanted by law enforcement in Sussex County…and if the urge to help should strike, the site also provides citizens with a quick, easy and anonymous way to submit a tip regarding the whereabouts of a wanted individual.

Sheriff Michael F. Strada, who took the helm of the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office on January 1 of this year, pledged to modernize the organization and open up the lines of communication. By all accounts, the new site embodies that commitment. “I want to get information into the hands of the public and other law enforcement agencies in our county,” Sheriff Strada said. “The web site serves as an important and cost-effective tool for disseminating information.”

Lieutenant Dave Rome, the office’s information technology supervisor, worked with the web site developer to ensure that the new site is an informative, relevant and user-friendly resource. “To that end, I feel we were immensely successful,” said Lt. Rome.

The site was developed by , a web site development company based in Morristown, New Jersey.

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