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AboutEmergency Management

Emergency Management Coordinator: Sheriff Michael F. Strada
Director Emergency Preparedness: Robert Haffner
Deputy Coordinator: Steve Sugar
Deputy Coordinator: Corporal Jennifer VanDerWende

The Division of Emergency Management is a county-level emergency service required by statute that coordinates all available resources to serve the needs of Sussex County during times of emergency events and disasters.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the division oversees the emergency management activities of all county agencies and Sussex County's twenty four municipalities. Each municipality has an emergency management coordinator with whom this division interacts and the coordinators, in turn, interact at the local level with police, fire, EMS, public works, public health, schools, etc.

Preparing for and carrying out all emergency functions—also known as comprehensive emergency management—is accomplished in four phases. A description of these phases and the division’s role in each are described below.

The division has developed a county-wide pre-disaster all-hazards mitigation plan that has identified hazards and vulnerabilities in all of Sussex County's twenty four municipalities.
Under the supervision of this division, the county and all twenty four municipalities have certified Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) that are reviewed annually and recertified every four years. The purpose of the EOPs is to give guidance to emergency responders in emergencies and disasters. The division also assists other public and private nonprofit agencies in developing their own specialized EOPs.
Radiological Emergency Information for Residents (374 KB) 
Radiological Emergency Information for Farmers (473 KB) 
The division has the responsibility to be aware of and coordinate the response of all emergency resources requested by the incident commander of an emergency or disaster.
If a disaster strikes in Sussex County, the division coordinates a thorough preliminary damage assessment with the affected municipalities. Non-insured losses are totalled and reported to the state. In the event of a presidential disaster declaration, the division then coordinates with the state and FEMA to recover the non-insured public sector losses.

In addition to the foregoing, the Division of Emergency Management presents training and educational programs including personal emergency preparedness, access and functional needs and incident command for responders. The division also oversees two community alert programs, Swift911™ and Register Ready, that are of tremendous service to the public.

For further information or assistance, contact the division at 973.579.0380 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this e-mail address).

Emergency Management Coordinators

MunicipalityNameMunicipal Bldg.
Andover BoroJohn Hoag973.786.6688
Andover Twp.Eric Danielson973.383.5544
BranchvilleJeff Lewis973.948.4626
ByramTodd Rudloff973.347.4008
FrankfordJeff Lewis973.948.5566
FranklinJim Williams973.827.9280
FredonKeith Festa973.383.7025
Green Twp.Mike Rose908.852.9333
HamburgKeith Sukennikoff973.827.9230
HamptonEd Hayes973.383.5570
HardystonWilliam Hickerson973.823.7020
HopatcongWade Crowley973.770.1200
LafayetteRick Hughes973.383.1817
MontagueDave Coss973.293.7300
NewtonKen Teets973.383.2525
OgdensburgRick Keslo973.827.3444
SandystonShane Houghtaling973.222.5533
SpartaNeil Spidaletto973.729.6121
StanhopeWayne Anthony973.347.0159
StillwaterLisa Chammings973.383.9484
SussexFloyd Southard973.875.4831
VernonKen Clark973.764.6155
WalpackVictor Maglio973.479.6976
WantageJoe Konopinski973.875.7192

Sheriff Michael Strada