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Sheriff Strada attends annual senior event

The sheriff addressed a group of over 200 Sussex County seniors at the Older Americans Day celebration.

Sheriff Michael F. Strada addressed a group of over 200 Sussex County seniors recently at the Older Americans Day. The annual event, sponsored by the Sussex County Division of Senior Services, was held at the Selective Insurance offices in Branchville.

Sheriff Strada joined other speakers including Terry Kelemen, TRIAD coordinator for the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office, Stephen Gruchacz, human services administrator, Lorraine Hentz, director of senior services, Sussex County Clerk Jeff Parrott, along with Sussex County freeholders Rich Vohden and Sue Zellman.

Sheriff Strada addresses seniors at Older Americans Day.

The sheriff spoke to the attendees about the Register Ready program. Register Ready is a statewide confidential database that enables individuals with special needs or their caregivers to identify themselves and their needs to emergency responders prior to an emergency. This assists responders in planning to serve them during a disaster or other emergency. Register Ready provides emergency management agencies advance notice of who the people are that are in need of help, what special assistance they may require, and where those people are located.

In a critical situation, time is of utmost importance and the ability to pre-plan for those contingencies is invaluable. All information collected is confidential and utilized solely to assist in emergency management planning. By way of example, Sheriff Strada recalled the sheriff’s office’s efforts during the evacuation of areas of Branchville last year as Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee flooded areas of the town. The Register Ready program assisted responders in better utilizing available resources that would have otherwise been stretched during a critical time like that.

In addition to highlighting the Register Ready program, Sheriff Strada reaffirmed his continued commitment to senior safety and security. He spoke with many of the attendees individually, advising them of the programs the sheriff’s office provides for Sussex County seniors.

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