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Statewide nonsupport sweep final tally

A total of twenty-three individuals were arrested over the course of the three-day sweep.

Sheriff Michael F. Strada today announced the final tally of arrests resulting from last week’s statewide child support sweep. All told, twenty-three individuals were arrested for non-payment of child support obligations during the three day operation.

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Arrested Age Residence

Dennis Tibus 43 Newton

Thomas Scherzer 45 Stanhope

Miguel Matos 28 Sussex

Anthony Waldron 38 Frankford

Eric Budinger 34 Hopatcong

Thomas Steines 56 Newfoundland

Robert Fernley 33 Ogdensburg

Anthony Pakulnniewicz 43 Lake Hopatcong

Daniel Biccum 53 Montague

Douglas Deltufo 49 Budd Lake

Alfred Davidson 30 Sussex

Eric Bodle 35 Ogdensburg

Robin Vance 50 Sussex

Travis Kretzschmar 29 Sussex

Kyle Davis 23 Green

Michael Moeller 49 Hamburg

William Demarest 42 Branchville

Daniel Shaw 48 Franklin

Richard Menagh 51 Morristown

Stephen Rotella 53 Hewitt

Larry Vansplinter 50 Haskell

Bryan Kay 49 Landing

Paul Alex, Sr. 52 Newton

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