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Two more towns sign on for dispatching services

Wantage and Sussex Borough enter into an agreement with the Sussex County Sheriff’s 9-1-1 Communications Services.

Sheriff Michael Strada is pleased to announce that Wantage Township and Sussex Borough have entered into a five-year shared service agreement for dispatching services at the Sussex County Sheriff’s 9-1-1 Communications Center.

After several months of technical and logistical planning and preparation, both municipalities seamlessly transitioned to the county center. Wantage and Sussex join the eleven other municipalities currently utilizing the call taking and dispatching services of the largest 9-1-1 communications center in the county.

Representatives from the state Office of Emergency Telecommunications, several telecommunications providers and municipal and county officials were present during the cutover to insure a successful implementation. The county 9-1-1 center service area encompasses 65% of the county’s geographical area.

The communications center will be responsible for handling all 9-1-1 calls for their municipalities.

Sheriff Strada stated, “I am glad to see other municipalities join our communications center as we offer the latest technology and dispatching services. The emergency service organizations that are currently utilizing our center realize the benefits of a central communications center.”

Pictured left to right: Chief Telecommunicator Dave Korver, Director of Communications Mark Rozek, Borough of Sussex OEM Coordinator Floyd Southard, Township of Wantage Mayor Ron Bassani, Township of Wantage Administrator Michael Restel, Township of Wantage OEM/911 Coordinator Joe Konopinski, New Jersey Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services Doug Weidanz and Sussex County Sheriff Michael F. Strada

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